EREC GUIDELINES for VIVET Content Creators and Users

The Erasmus Plus Vivet project team completed the Guidelines for instructors, teachers and platform operators, following a quality procedure called EREC (Electronic Resources Evaluation Criteria).

We therefore have the pleasure of making this four-part document available to all VIVET users.

EREC includes the following parts:

  • the methodology followed for the design of the contents and the didactic paths adopted in the construction of the VIVET training courses;
  • a comparative survey on the state of the art of the criteria adopted for the evaluation of the quality of open educational content in electronic format:
  • the description of the criteria adopted by Vivet for the evaluation of the quality of the videos and all the other didactic contents incorporated in the courses;
  • the user handbook for content creation, course and training building up, tests and final certifications, management of interaction tools, resorting to the main features offered by the Vivet platform.

The document is supplemented by a brief bibliography and sitegraphy and it is enriched by numerous images and diagrams that facilitate its use as a real user manual of the VIVET platform.

You can download EREC GUIDELINES in .pdf here.

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