A new book by Paolo Sensini on Middle East situation

The CLAR, with one of the editors of his on-line periodical clarissa.it, Gaetano Colonna, author of the book Middle East without peace, presented, as part of the event sponsored by the Monte Porzio culture association in the context of the Meetings with ‘Author, the book ISIS – principals, directors and actors of international terrorism by Paolo Sensini.

In his brief presentation, Colonna stressed the continuity of Western politics in the Middle East, which has now been in place for at least a century, including the very close financial relations between the so-called “Gulf monarchies”, financing the so-called Islamic terrorism, and the financial centers of the London City.

Paolo Sensini presented with an effective synthesis the main problems on the real nature of the Isis phenomenon. Do we really have all the information to express a precise opinion on ISIS? What we read in the newspapers or listen on TV correspond to the reality of the facts or are they lies? What then is the so-called international terrorism (Al-Qa’ida, ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, etc.)? But above all, who benefits?

In this scenario also Islam and its ideological centers, on which rivers of words have been poured without ever touching the heart of the problem, take on a meaning and outlines much clearer and more defined.

To these questions the book of Paolo Sensini, after having examined an impressive amount of original materials and documents, tries to answer for the first time in an exhaustive and complete way.

A special thanks also to the CLAR goes to the organizers and the municipal administration of Monte Porzio, always attentive to these initiatives.

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