Erasmus Plus for migrants and refugees on next 13 October – Arcevia (AN)


Erasmus Plus for migrants and refugees: concrete answers to the emergency

Friday 13 October 2017, 9:00 am – Centro Culturale S. Francesco

Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 64 – 60011 Arcevia (AN)

This international meeting provides detailed information on activities, of which CLAR is an Italian partner, offering opportunities for training for migrants and refugees, as well as for all European citizens.

VIVET is an Erasmus Plus project that creates an open educational platform, offering free professional training courses specifically designed for refugees and migrant guests from European countries: courses on organic farming, assistance to the elderly, sustainability of production processes are currently operational , computer security.

SUSKINDER is an Erasmus Plus project that instead proposes a training course for nursery workers, in terms of sustainable feeding of children; within the course, specific attention is given to food as an opportunity for integration and socialization for the children of migrants and refugees, and their families.

Representatives of the European partners of the aforementioned projects, coming from Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria, also take part in the event.

Representatives of organizations that deal with the reception and insertion of foreign migrants and refugees at the local level are also involved in the meeting. In particular, the Center for Reception for Refugees of Arcevia (AN) will be involved.

The event therefore has a seminar character, so it is open to the active participation of the public (citizens, schools, public administrators), and will serve to present the tools that are being built, how they can be used by the operators of the reception centers, migrants and refugees, by all citizens.

Our meeting is included among the events celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus European program and has been made possible thanks to the collaboration provided by the Municipality of Arcevia.

Download the program-invitation to the Arcevia event in .pdf. You can share this news with other interested people, the invitation is open to everyone.