Erasmus Plus international meeting in Arcevia by Clar

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus community program, the Free Analysis and Research Center (CLAR) organizes an international meeting on 13 October 2017, starting at 9:00 am, at the S. Francesco Cultural Center, Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 64 – 60011 Arcevia (AN), with the support of the City of Arcevia and in collaboration with the Center of Reception Le Terrazze of Arcevia.

The meeting will also include representatives of foreign partners from Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, with whom CLAR is collaborating on the realization of the two Erasmus Plus VIVET and SUSKinder projects.

In relation to the particular emergency situation concerning the migratory flows affecting our country, CLAR will focus its work on the issue of the training of migrants and refugees, as an essential basic tool to reduce the risks related to the socio-economic impact of phenomenon in progress.
The event will therefore have a seminar character, as the open training platforms developed by the two community projects will be presented to the participants, in order to discuss their characteristics and evaluate the best ways of dissemination and use.
The invitation to participate is therefore addressed, as well as to all citizens, to operators of vocational training and adults, reception centers, associations that deal with migrants and refugees, to public officials in particular the Municipalities of Marche, to teachers of schools of all levels, immigrants and refugees hosted on our territory.

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