Current results of Erasmus Plus VIVET

Our readers have often heard about the Erasmus Plus VIVET project, of which Clar is the only Italian partner.

On August 31st the project officially ends, with really significant results. Taking into account the necessary construction phase of the e-learning platform, content creation, educational organization, classroom and online tests, dissemination activities, translations – here is a brief summary of the operational results.

In the VIVET platform, 10327 instructional videos are currently available, all open source, of which approximately 1000 are evaluated with the EREC system (Electronic Resources Evaluation Criteria) created by CLAR, within the project.

43 online training courses were entirely designed and built, in 11 languages ​​(English, German, Bulgarian, Italian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Indonesian): there are currently 10 training courses translated in English.

Within the aforementioned modular training courses, 406 courses are currently offered, of which 74 in Italian: they all issue an EQF (European Qualification Framework) certification upon completion of the course and passing the final learning assessment tests.

Considering an average of 60 hours per course (some courses reach 80 hours), we are talking about a training offer of over 24 thousand hours of training.

At the moment there are over 400 users following the courses, from a dozen European and non-European Countries: many of them have already completed the courses and have downloaded their final certificate.

Naturally, the partnership intends to further develop the platform, involving trainers and companies to expand the training offered today.

Obviously Vivet education is only at the beginning of its life journey: in addition to the satisfaction of being able to offer as trainers a rich series of quality contents, offered with innovative teaching methods, open to all, regardless of the starting level, we hope that this platform can attract the attention of teachers, experts, trainers, companies, and of course people who want to increase their skills, for work or simply for the sake of knowledge.

We are therefore available to follow you on!

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