Companies, Competencies, Vocational Training

The Centro Libero Analisi e Ricerca – CLAR, in the context of the dissemination of the results of the international Erasmus Plus VIVET project, carries out, with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Ostra Vetere (AN), a public event whose purpose is to compare different experiences and settings on the usefulness of new technologies in the field of professional training of workers, both from a corporate and a personal point of view, also bearing in mind the growing availability of the so-called Open Education Resources (OER).

The event will have a seminar character, so it will be open to contributions that those present may wish to provide, integrating with the scheduled reports and interventions.

Below is the main program of the initiative. For any further information, you can contact us at e-mai: [email protected]


Business, Skills, Training – the role of New Technologies

8 April 2019 – 15: 30-19: 30

Terra di Montenovo Museum Complex

Piazza Satellico, 3 – Ostra Vetere (AN)


  • Greetings to Participants – Mayor of Ostra Vetere (AN)
  • Why this seminar – Luca Serafini, president of the Free Analysis and Research Center – CLAR
  • The National Business Plan 4.0 and the knot of skills and training – Paolo Carnazza, Ministry of Economic Development
  • New technologies and the labor market: what effects on training? – Paolo Reboani, Ministry of Labor
  • The Erasmus Plus Vivet project and open educational resources – Gaetano Sinatti, CLAR coordinator
    Scheduled Interventions
    Debate and Conclusions – moderated by Luca Serafini, president of the CLAR


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